The male condom

How to use a male condom


  • First, always check the expiry date on the package. Don't use an expired condom.
  • Handle condoms gently. Open the package carefully, but never use scissors, a knife, or your teeth!
  • Remove the condom from the packet, being particularly careful if you are wearing rings and/or have long or jagged fingernails so as not to rip the condom.
  • Check that you have the condom with the correct side facing up, so that it can easily be rolled down. If you accidently put the condom on upside down, you need to throw it away and use a new one to avoid transferring any pre-ejaculatory fluid (semen) to your partner.
  • Pinch the air from the tip of the condom (this makes room for the semen and is key to avoiding breakage) and place the condom on the end of the penis. Some people like to put one or two drops of water-based lubricant inside the tip of the condom to increase sensitivity.
  • Carefully roll the condom down over the ERECT penis until it is completely unrolled and/or the entire penis is covered. Ensure that there is no air in the condom (the tip of the condom should be 'slack' or 'empty-looking'). If additional lubrication is desired, lubricate the outside of the condom using a water-based lubricant.
  • Put on the condom BEFORE any penile contact is made with the vagina or anus. (As far as infection is concerned, any unprotected penetration increases risk.)
  • Wear the condom from the beginning of penetration through the climax to withdrawal after sexual relations, while the penis is still hard.
  • Once the sexual act has ended, remove the condom by holding the base of the condom and sliding it off, being very careful not to allow the semen to leak onto your hands.
  • Wrap the used condom and dispose of it in an appropriate manner - for example, in a rubbish bin. Never flush a condom down the toilet, as it will block the plumbing system! Think of the '3 Bs': bin, burn or bury.
  • Always use one condom per act.