1 December, 2014

The winners of the UN Cares 2014 Award have been selected

1 December 2014 -The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon thanks all UN Cares teams worldwide for their commitment and congratulates the five winning teams in this short video message.

The UN Cares Award is a way to recognize the work of UN Cares teams all over the world who work hard to implement the UN Cares 10 Minimum Standards by sharing knowledge with their colleagues, making male and female condoms available in the workplace, promoting staff to know their HIV status, reaching families with information and skill-building, and addressing stigma and discrimination.

In the 2014 edition of the UN Cares Award, we are proud to announce the winners for each category:

Reaching staff in a duty station with UN Cares learning sessions
Winner: Guyana
Honourees: UN Global Service Centre based in both Italy & Spain
Addressing stigma and discrimination
Winner: Cambodia
Reaching children and adolescents
Winner: Trinidad and Tobago
Honouree Gambia
Implementing wellness activities for UN employees and families
Winner: Namibia
Honouree: Botswana
Promotion of HIV testing and the importance of knowing one's results
Winner: Indonesia
Establishing a solid system for PEP kit availability and distribution
Winner: Bangladesh

All of these programmes provide strong examples of what UN Cares can achieve with the commitment of UN leadership and a strong UN Cares team. Short case studies will be developed to help other UN Cares teams learn from these examples.

UN Cares thanks all of the country teams that submitted an application, as well as the panel of esteemed judges who reviewed the many submissions, and we look forward to honouring the achievements of more teams in the future

Who were the judges?
  • Mr. Chris Collins, Chief, Community Mobilization Division, UNAIDS.
  • Mr. Mamadou Diallo, Regional Director, UNAIDS Regional Support Team, West and Central Africa.
  • Ms. Amaya Gillespie, Manager, Partnerships and Special Initiatives, Unite for Children, United against AIDS, UNICEF.
  • Ms. Evelyn Kortum, WHO, representing FICSA as ExCom Member for Compensation Issues.
  • Mr. Steven Kraus, Regional Director, UNAIDS Regional Support Team, Asia and the Pacific.
  • Ms. Elizabeth Little, General Secretary, CCISUA.
  • Ms. Julitta Onabanjo, Regional Director, UNFPA, East and Southern Africa.
  • Ms. Alice Ouedraogo, Director, ILO/AIDS.
  • Ms. Alejandra Trossero, Policy Specialist on HIV and Development, UNDP Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean, representing UN Plus.

Winning teams will receive One thousand US dollars (USD 1,000) to be used for UN Cares activities in the country.

Additionally, each member of the UN Cares teams that receive an award or an honorable mention will receive a certificate.

Rules and Conditions

To see the rules and conditions for this award process, click here to visit the award launch page.

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In 2012, UN Cares introduced the first round of UN Cares awards, to recognize excellence in the work of UN Cares teams at country level. Today, we are excited to announce the winners and honourees in the following categories.

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