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Programmes that Address HIV

UN Policy on HIV in the Workplace

The UN system has adopted a comprehensive workplace policy on HIV that expressly prohibits discrimination against employees living with HIV.

UN Learning Strategy on HIV

The UN system has agreed on a learning strategy on HIV (Adobe pdf). One of the goals of the learning strategy is to ensure that all UN staff members are able to make informed decisions to protect themselves from HIV and, if they are infected or affected by HIV, to ensure that they know where to turn for the best possible care and treatment. This includes ensuring that staff members fully understand the UN's HIV workplace policies on eliminating stigma and discrimination against those infected and affected by HIV.

The learning strategy mandates that the UN provides employees with orientations on HIV. A booklet on HIV for UN system employees and their families has been produced to underscore the UN system’s commitment to fair, equitable and compassionate treatment of all employees, regardless of their HIV status.

UN HIV learning facilitators are bring trained in all countries to ensure that the learning strategy is implemented under the leadership of the UN Country Team and UN Theme Group on HIV at field level. In headquarters locations, efforts are being made to implement the strategy in all agencies. Click here for a complete list of the UN HIV learning facilitators trained to date, click here.