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Questions about how HIV might be contracted

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  • Preseminal fluid

    ... [More]

  • Vulnerability of women to HIV infection

    QUESTION: Why are women more vulnerable to HIV infection?... [More]

  • Breast Milk


    Can a mother who is living with HIV freeze or boil the breast milk before giving it to her child to kill the virus?... [More]

  • Oral sex


    Can males contract the HIV virus by having oral sex with an infected female?... [More]

  • Exposure to blood from a car accident


    What are the risks of HIV infection among passengers during a traffic accident? For example, if during a car accident, an HIV+ passenger's blood comes into contact with an open wound of a HIV- passenger, what are the chances of infection?
    ... [More]

  • Odds of HIV infection

    What are the odds of transmission if an HIV-negative person has sex or shares needles with an HIV-positive person?
    ... [More]

  • Is oral sex a risk?

    Iím confused. Iím a bisexual male and have always used condoms for anal and vaginal sex. My worry is oral. Iíve received and performed oral sex without a condom, but after receiving information stating that oral is safe and there are no documented cases, Iíve recently been reading the opposite. All the information seems to be inconsistent. Is it or isnít it a risk?
    ... [More]

  • Vasectomy

    Can having a vasectomy prevent HIV/AIDS?... [More]

  • Nail cutters and HIV


    Is it possible to get infected by using a nail cutter that has been used by an HIV infected Person?
    ... [More]

  • HIV and nail scratching and biting


    Sorry to bother you. I'm a postgraduate student in service and working as a lab technician in CDC in Anhui Province.

    In my consolation and test work, I encounter a few policemen who were hurt by HIV-infected person. Also, in the world-famous Wenlou "AIDS" village in Henan province in China, more than one half of the villagers caught HIV through selling blood. Because of poverty, many HIV-infected villagers commit robbing and racketeering, making use of the people's fear of HIV. Some villagers even assault policemen when confronting them. So far more than one hundred policemen in Wenlou village have been hurt by assaultive HIV-infected villagers by nail scratch and biting. Almost all policemen hurt by HIV-infected person resorted to medical evaluation and asked for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

    Here I want to ask what level of the risk is, and whether it is warranted when the policemen are only hurt by nail scratching by an HIV-infected person.

    Your response based on scientific argument is much appreciated.... [More]

  • Chances of contracting HIV

    What is the risk of contracting AIDS if somebody has unprotected sex just once or twice (not knowing whether the other person is HIV + or not)?
    ... [More]

  • Sex with a prositute

    I was abroad on holiday and had sex with a prositute. Whilst using protection, the condom split. What are the chances of having AIDS if she was infected?
    ... [More]

  • Saliva

    QUESTION: Why is saliva not a good carrier of HIV? ... [More]

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