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Estimating the number of UN staff living with HIV

QUESTION: My question is about the methodology used in estimating that as many as 5 percent of UN staff members globaly, might be living with HIV/AIDS (page 46, third paragraph-Living in a world with HIV and AIDS)

ANSWER: On the issue of how we get to the 5% estimate: this is based on a combination of staff members who have informed the UN confidentially or openly about their sero-status (either the UN medical services or management) as well as making estimates based on numbers of staff who have died as a result of AIDS-related causes. In some countries, these reported cases are higher and in others, quite low. Obviously, we have no precise way to know how many staff are living with HIV since no one is required to tell us nor does the medical services test for HIV.

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Date Created July 06, 2004
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