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Time for HIV symptoms to appear and what the symptoms are

I would like to know few things about AIDS..

I had my sexual experience with a call girl during my visit to Bangkok by 2001, January. We used condoms during our intercourse. We had oral as well during that time. I'm very much worried after that experience.

After that, I had done the Elisa Test two times (one by 2003 just before a surgery and another by 2004 end befor coming abroad). The result was negative.

I would like to know the following.
1. How much time it to start showing the symptoms of AIDS
2. What are the symptoms (common ones)

Please guide me with the required informations.


If you indeed used a condom during sexual intercourse, as long as the condom did not break and you used it properly, you do not need to worry about transmission. Check out this site for information on proper use of male condoms: le-condom.shtml

As for oral sex, you are much less likely to contract HIV this way than through vaginal or anal sex. And since you have tested negative twice since 2001, you should not be worried any longer that the sex you had in Bangkok in 2001 resulted in HIV transmission. Of course, you should continue to practice safer sex since testing negative today does not mean that you will stay negative if you engage in unsafe behaviours.

As for the the time it takes for symptoms to appear if one has contracted HIV, this varies significantly from person to person, with some people showing some signs within a few years and others living for 10 years or more with no symptoms. And many symptoms for HIV such as weight loss, fevers, swollen glands and skin rashes can be the same as for many other infections or diseases. This is why getting tested is the only real way to tell if you are HIV positive or negative.

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Date Created June 06, 2006
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