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  • Kaposi's sarcoma

    A friend of mine has diagnosed AIDS and skin Kaposi's sarcoma. Now he is taking the medication and he is doing better. What is the outcome in the future of having AIDS and Kaposis Sarcoma at the same time? ... [More]

  • Time for HIV symptoms to appear and what the symptoms are

    I would like to know few things about AIDS..

    I had my sexual experience with a call girl during my visit to Bangkok by 2001, January. We used condoms during our intercourse. We had oral as well during that time. I'm very much worried after that experience.

    After that, I had done the Elisa Test two times (one by 2003 just before a surgery and another by 2004 end befor coming abroad). The result was negative.

    I would like to know the following.
    1. How much time it to start showing the symptoms of AIDS
    2. What are the symptoms (common ones)

    Please guide me with the required informations.
    ... [More]

  • Estimating the number of UN staff living with HIV

    QUESTION: My question is about the methodology used in estimating that as many as 5 percent of UN staff members globaly, might be living with HIV/AIDS (page 46, third paragraph-Living in a world with HIV and AIDS)... [More]

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