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QUESTION: I had some symptoms after 2 weeks on a low risk oral sex with a girl of unknown status. The symptoms were, diarrhoea and joints tingling, but Iím not really sure if that was because I was really stressed and anxious, then I had antibodies test 4 and 9 weeks after possible exposure, both came out negative. My question is regardless if Iím infected or not, if you tested negative does it meant those symptoms are not due to HIV? Should I get tested later on too, or thats enough?

ANSWER: We understand your concerns. But please keep in mind that the only way to tell if you have HIV is by being tested for the virus. The symptoms you speak about could be associated with a number of health problems, which may have nothing to do with HIV. It is best to check with your doctor about your symptoms. You may also want to have another HIV test to confirm your sero-status, keeping in mind that the HIV test when properly done is highly accurate. Currently available tests can pick up 99.9% of infections and detect antibodies within about 3-4 weeks of infection. Since the HIV antibody test can miss very recent infections, it is recommended that an initial negative test be followed by another test within 3 to 6 months if there was possible exposure. While you are correct that oral sex carries much less risk than vaginal or anal intercourse, it still carries some risk.

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Date Created July 06, 2004
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