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Mutual masturbation and testing

My exposure was that about eight weeks ago I was masturbating a girl while she was masturbating my penis? (Mutual Masturbation). When I ejaculated she passed me a toilet tissue to wipe my cum off me! However the tissue would have had some vaginal fluids on it from my hands as i was fingering the girl and also she used the tissue to wipe her vagina before she passed me the tissue to wipe my urethra!! This means that the vaginal fluid on my hand and tissue would have got into the opening of my penis? I'm worried about getting HIV! I was so worried that at 7 weeks I decided to have a test for HIV and another STD screening! The hospital said that they would get back to me if anything was wrong and they haven't so I'm taking it that all my 7 week tests are negative!! However my fear is still really high! I've also found out that the girl has had about five or six unprotected sexual incidents with other men so this makes me more scared!! So lets just say she is HIV positive, what is my likely risk??? Also how accurate is a seven week HIV elisa antibody test? Please get back to me as I'm really worried.


A few things worth keeping in mind:
*** The chances of the virus being passed on by sharing a tissue, even if the body fluids did contain HIV, are minimal. Would it be better to use a clean tissue for each person in the future? Yes, but the chances are very low that enough live virus would have passed between the 2 of you.

*** On the accuracy of the test, the Elisa test is over 99% accurate. Please see this website for more details:

Finally, it is recommended that when you go for an HIV test, that you receive counselling before and after the test. If the hospital where you have gone does not offer such pre and post counselling, you may want to find another center where such counselling can be done fully. It is not a good idea to leave it that you will be contacted only if there is "something wrong."

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Date Created June 06, 2006
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