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Questions relating to HIV/AIDS testing

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  • Can a baby sero-convert from positive to neagtive?

    QUESTION: I've heard that a baby born HIV positive can sometimes test negative 6 months or a year after birth. How does that work? ... [More]

  • Mutual masturbation and testing

    My exposure was that about eight weeks ago I was masturbating a girl while she was masturbating my penis? (Mutual Masturbation). When I ejaculated she passed me a toilet tissue to wipe my cum off me! However the tissue would have had some vaginal fluids on it from my hands as i was fingering the girl and also she used the tissue to wipe her vagina before she passed me the tissue to wipe my urethra!! This means that the vaginal fluid on my hand and tissue would have got into the opening of my penis? I'm worried about getting HIV! I was so worried that at 7 weeks I decided to have a test for HIV and another STD screening! The hospital said that they would get back to me if anything was wrong and they haven't so I'm taking it that all my 7 week tests are negative!! However my fear is still really high! I've also found out that the girl has had about five or six unprotected sexual incidents with other men so this makes me more scared!! So lets just say she is HIV positive, what is my likely risk??? Also how accurate is a seven week HIV elisa antibody test? Please get back to me as I'm really worried.... [More]

  • Window period

    Must I wait 3 months to get tested?
    ... [More]

  • Home testing

    Can I buy home kits to test myself?... [More]

  • Same day testing

    Can I get a same day HIV test/result? If so where?... [More]

  • Testing Questions

    QUESTION: I had some symptoms after 2 weeks on a low risk oral sex with a girl of unknown status. The symptoms were, diarrhoea and joints tingling, but Iím not really sure if that was because I was really stressed and anxious, then I had antibodies test 4 and 9 weeks after possible exposure, both came out negative. My question is regardless if Iím infected or not, if you tested negative does it meant those symptoms are not due to HIV? Should I get tested later on too, or thats enough?... [More]

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