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Can someone be cured of AIDS?

I understand that once a person is HIV-positive, they will always be positive, but what about AIDS? Can a person be cured of AIDS with ART?

No, a person cannot be cured of AIDS or HIV. You’re right when you say that a person cannot be cured of HIV, meaning that the virus will always be in their body. We know that AIDS is defined as a complex of symptoms, including opportunistic infections and a low white blood cell count in the presence of HIV. We also know that there is treatment for many opportunistic infections and that Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) can help increase the white blood cell count, however once a person is diagnosed with AIDS, they have that diagnosis forever. Even if they are treated of their opportunistic infections and their white blood cell count goes up, they cannot “go back” to just being HIV-positive and not having AIDS.

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Date Created June 14, 2006
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