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The Four Learning Modules

UN for All has four theme-based modules whose descriptions are given below:

Core Module: A half-day face-to-face module that talks about the basic human rights principles, the power of language in the creation of an inclusive work environment and unconscious bias, and gives an introduction to the basic concepts regarding substance use, disabilities, sexual orientation and gender identity, and mental health. This should always be the first module implemented as it lays the foundation for the three other modules. This session is suitable for workplaces that want to start a conversation about diversity, inclusion, standards of conduct, conflict prevention, staff wellbeing and related topics.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: A half-day face-to-face module that explains the basics of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and other related concepts. During the session participants can expect to hear directly from LGBTI individuals, and from UN leadership regarding what is expected from an inclusive workplace where dignity for all should be guaranteed. This module is an ideal starting point for workplaces that want to make improvements on diversity, or for those who have to work on issues regarding human rights and sexual diversity as per the mandate of the organisation and the directives of the UN Secretary General.

Disabilities: A half-day face-to-face module that seeks to make participants reflect about the different types of disabilities there are, and how the workplace can enable people with different abilities to become more productive in an environment of dignity and respect. We recommend this module for teams and workplaces who want to be better equipped to welcome staff members living with visible or invisible disabilities and provide insight on how to interact with civil society or government counterparts where people with disabilities are able to work.

Substance Use: A half-day face-to-face module that describes different levels of substance use, and what is expected from the workplace, management and staff members regarding substance use, abuse and dependence. This module is essential for teams and workplaces who want to better understand substance use, abuse, and what provisions are in place in the United Nations to support staff members who may need assistance or support. The learning points from this session will allow participants to act with knowledge and respect in regards to substance use.

We advise that the core module should always be offered first, as it lays down the foundation of human rights principles which is the basis for the remaining modules.

For more in depth information you can download this document.