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UN for All has been well received by colleagues who have participated in the workshops. Here is some feedback from participants:

“I learned a lot. I realized it's not enough to say 'I'm an ally.' Need to walk the talk.” -Switzerland

“It brought about a drive of passion in me to be more aware of my biases and to work on them.” -Nigeria

“As a person with a disability, I was both honored and enthusiastic to share my own experiences with the participants of the UN Workshop for Human Rights....The world looks up to us, the UN, to set the example, and to demonstrate a non-discriminatory and all-inclusive workplace.” -Netherlands

“I learned that we all have biases even though we did not know that they are present.” -Bosnia and Herzegovina

“It was emotional and very enlightening.” -Nigeria

“'Disability is not a problem of a person but a problem of society.' Thank you for saying that.” -Cambodia

“The workshop was a very useful one and has provided a good opportunity to learn about all the issues which are hidden and that nobody is eager to talk about.” -Afghanistan

“I'm glad we start to openly discuss such issues. This is a good sign. Step by step people will be aware, then more and more understanding.” -Uzbekistan

“I realised not just others, I also have some unconscious biases.” -Turkey

“This workshop opened my mind about how a simple word can change person's feelings. Being considerate and using appropriate words can make a workplace more acceptable for others.” -Indonesia

“Thank you for opening my eyes, ears and heart on these issues. I am a changed person.” -Pakistan

“I had prejudice against LGBTI people because I didn't understand... this workshop helped me to make it clear and look at them as normal people.” -Mozambique

“I was thinking that LGBTI persons do not exist in Burundi." "I had many biases against these people. Today, I'm just surprised to see them and understand that they are normal people, like others.” -Burundi

“Yesterday, I didn’t sleep well. I was just thinking of what we discussed, and I can say that you have opened my mind.” -DRC

“I like how organizers were not afraid to confront issues head-on. This grabbed everyone's attention and encouraged effective participation.” -Netherlands

“..we walked away inspired and filled with new ideas on what we want to achieve, both individually and as a group... Let us reach out and stop stigma and discrimination in our workplace. Together we can do it.” -Kenya

“This is an eye opener. I was in the dark about LGBTI [people]. I am clear now and have to look at LGBTI [people] with a positive attitude and mind.” -Malawi

“I learned that LGBTI rights are same as the other people rights. I did know that human rights are applicable to everyone, but did not know that UN undertakes initiatives based on this approach.” -Azerbaijan

Appreciated Most: “LGBTI and the different orientations and also learning and listening to the two young men was a life time eye opener.” -Botswana

“Able to put theory into practice and diversify some of the issues I have been grappling with.” -Botswana

“Will incorporate into policy areas on strategies and workplans.” -Cambodia

“It exposed my biases and provided me with ways of overcoming them.” -Kenya

“I learned a lot that I could not figure out before, as I saw this as a life style, but I can relate and my bias has been erased.” -Uganda

“That apart from their sexual orientation, LGBTI individuals are no different from other people and should not be looked at as that only.” -Uganda

Appreciated Most: “The fact that a complete new world has opened up for me through being candid with the subject. The module has allowed me to gain some solid knowledge.” -Germany

Appreciated Most - Core Module: “I feel it engaged everyone & got people to commit to creating a positive work environment.” -New York HQs

“A big eye and mind-opener - done with a sensitive and caring approach.” -New York

“By the facilitator explaining terms and able to understand and realize that I have been unconsciously biased most of time.” -Namibia

Appreciated Most: “I really appreciate learning about LGBTI because at first I knew nothing about LGBTI but now at least I can stand and talk or defend someone who is LGBTI...” -Serbia

Appreciated Most: "The sessions that allowed one to self analyze your own actions, beliefs & unconscious biases by understanding different issues related to human rights.” -Belarus

“I came in not knowing much, and I feel I'm more aware and appreciative of LGBTI persons and their concerns.” -New York HQs

“Being inclusive in the workplace helps us to retain top performers and help in the recruitment of top talent. It is also the right thing to do.” -New York

“There are no benefits in avoiding these conversations. The issues are here, so we better be ready to address them with dignity and respect.” -New York

“It is only logical that the UN becomes the best possible workplace for all.” -New York

“It enabled me to better understand all the basic rights of LGBTI and the inclusiveness and integration into our working environment” -New York

“Everything was well expressed and educative - we should have it more often” -New York

“It is a difficult subject in our society but it was broken up and presented in a way that every participant understood.” -New York

“The interactive mode and content delivery - the course was timely, it gave an indepth understanding of LGBTI issues” -New York

“I had never thought of invisible disabilities. This session made me reflect that perhaps I have not been sensitive around people who may have a disability. This opens my eyes and ears so I can be more inclusive” -New York