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UN for All has been well received by colleagues who have participated in the workshops. Here is some feedback from participants:

“Being inclusive in the workplace helps us to retain top performers and help in the recruitment of top talent. It is also the right thing to do.”

“There are no benefits in avoiding these conversations. The issues are here, so we better be ready to address them with dignity and respect.”

“It is only logical that the UN becomes the best possible workplace for all.”

“It enabled me to better understand all the basic rights of LGBTI and the inclusiveness and integration into our working environment”

“Everything was well expressed and educative - we should have it more often”

“It is a difficult subject in our society but it was broken up and presented in a way that every participant understood.”

“The interactive mode and content delivery - the course was timely, it gave an indepth understanding of LGBTI issues”

“I had never thought of invisible disabilities. This session made me reflect that perhaps I have not been sensitive around people who may have a disability. This opens my eyes and ears so I can be more inclusive”.