HIV Test Online

How To Get An Hiv Test Online

One in every seven Americans are living with HIV, and they do not know about it. There are many centres which is made for disease control and prevention. Try to make sure that you have the right HIV status, which allows people to begin with the right treatments which can extend the life of the partner without contracting the condition. The CDC says that anyone in the age range of 13 years and 64 years gets tested once. If you are someone who likes to have sex unprotected, it is important that you get regular tests.

When to take the test

After you have had unprotected sex, you have a window of two to eight weeks where the immune system begins to make antibodies which is required to have HIV after exposure. It is possible that immediately after a negative test result the first three months of being exposed, you get the confirmed status and get tested again after three months period.

Other test options

We have come a long when it comes to development in science where people can get tested in the privacy and comfort of their own home. There are many things which are sold in the drug stores which has allowed people to have 17 years old to purchase them. Other home tests that are available in the united states which are not FDA approved can provide inaccurate and unsafe measures. There are several tests like the HIV home testing kits:

  • BioSure HIV Self Test:

    This test is the only available in certain parts of Europe which have followed the European quality standards which can be used in the blood test for HIV in 15 minutes.
  • AutoTest VIH:

    This is the test which is available in certain parts of Europe which meet the quality standards of making use of blood from the fingertips to tests for HIV.
  • INSTI HIV self-test:

    This is another test which meets the European quality standards and promises results in just 60 seconds.

All of the tests which are used in similar tools and methods have the right test for HIV, which is used in the United States. These tests are not FDA approved and can be risky as it may not provide with accurate results.

How to do a quick home HIV test kit

The test kits might look different but have mostly the same equipment. In general, there is a swab which you will find inside the kit and a developing solution. All you have to do is place the swab in the corners of your mouth and put it inside the solution. Wait for 20 minutes, and if you see one line, the test is negative, and if you see two lines, it means that you are positive. A follow-up test is required to help confirm the status of your condition.

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