What is post-exposure prophylaxis?


Post Exposure Prophylaxis is also known as Post Exposure Prevention is a preventative medical treatment which started after an exposure which is a pathogen which can help one prevent the infection from occurring. There are many ways PEP can show up for effective treatment from rabies, tetanus, HIV. In this article, we are going to be learning more about Post Exposure Prophylaxis.


Rabies is one of the most common as well as effective ways to prevent the onset of rabies which is generally spread through a suspected rabid animal bite. There are many diagnostic which are available to detect rabies prior to infection. The treatment consists of rabies injection and immunoglobulin, which is requires to treat the person. The rabies vaccines can be given to both the human and animals who has been potentially exposed to rabies.



When AZT was approved as a treatment for AIDs, the healthcare workers were exposed to a certain amount of HIV. This is where people taught giving healthcare workers the AZT is one of the best ways to keep the healthcare workers healthy. There are many HIV treatments which is known to have high risk after exposure. From one of the early data, people taught that AZT is one of the most efficient ways to prevent the transmission of HIV infection. AZT was a reduce maternal-infant transmission of HIV, which helped in random control tests where the Post Expose Prophylaxis was used.

The PEP showed more beneficial data with the help of maternal transmission of HIV, which was done in a very randomised and controlled manner. The subsequent data shows that the combination of ART is significantly superior to AZT, which helps with the perinatal transmission rates. The AZT is no longer recommended, which means that the tolerance is higher and can be the reason for the patients non-compliance.


There are many other ways like a condom break where the person with HIV positive person. There is evidence which suggests that PEP has the ability to reduce the risk of HIV infection in some cases which can later be replaced with the updated guidelines in 2016. There are many occupational exposures that include things like injury of health care professional and other HIV infected sources.

With the HIV attacking medicines shortly exposed after being can easily reduce the risk of contracting HIV. There are a number of risk factors associated with the antiretroviral drugs can depend on many numbers of risk factors which started after one high-risk event. There are many PEP indications which is known to have potentially fewer side effects which can occur with the ART treatment. The treatment, although can easy can be a complicated one as the potential factors are still unknown.


What is post-exposure prophylaxis?

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