How many people have HIV in the US

HIV in the US

It is estimated that 1.1 million people living in the USA are infected with HIV, which is one-seventh of the population living with HIV, where most of them are not even aware that they are infected. With the new annual reports, it is estimated that gay men or men having sex with men are more susceptible to getting the infection. The stigma and discrimination is something which has allowed people to not give it a top priority. HIV rates are higher in southern states which is 45% of the people living with HIV. There are many HIV epidemic which killed around 6,92,790 people who died of AIDS-related illnesses.

The population most affected by HIV in the USA


The HIV epidemic in the USA is something which has impacted one group more than others. These groups are sometimes referred to as the key populations which have affected the specific race and ethnicity more susceptible. There are many economic and socio-economic factors which can drive these population into discriminating and stigmatising. Sexual networks is probably one of the major problems, which is the reason it spreads in the community.

Men who have sex with other men are the group of people who are more affected with HIV in the USA which is accounted for 2% of the population which has over 66% of new annual HIV infections. There are over 6,32,300 USA based men who are actively involved with other men who have HIV. The HIV infection among the men who have sex with the men remained stable at wth 26,000 a year. These trends generally vary with the age and ethnicity of the people, which has an overall stable view.

In 2017, 24% HIV positive and 21% of HIV negative men who are having sex with the men with the last without any protection having anal or oral sex. In the United States, African American men are most affected by HIV than any other ethnic group. These groups accounted for 43% of the new HIV infections, which can allow one to make 12% of the population. But from 2010 to 1027, the number plunged down which decreased the numbers by 12%

The Hispanic population is also disproportionately spread but can easily account for over 26% of the new diagnoses of HIV. They represent 18% of the population, this is due to the fact that the majority of people in the Hispanic population have unprotected sex with men.

From 2011 to 2015 the results rose up to 13% among the Hispanics which can easily be declined from steadily by 14% but rose by 13% among Hispanic who have sex with men. The Hispanic and Latino community still faces a huge number of challenges when it comes to HIV prevention and treatment services.

How many people have HIV in the US

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