How to Test for HIV

Test for HIV

Getting tested is one of the best ways to find out if one has HIV. HIV is an immunodeficiency virus which can affect a humans immune system. HIV tests are generally recommended for all adults, which is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a quick and painless result.

How to know if one has HIV?


There is no definite way to knowing if you have HIV or no without getting tested as most people do not experience symptoms for years. Testing is a good idea, especially when you are having unprotected sex on a regular basis. You should also get tested when your partner is tested positive, or you have shared needles with anybody, which also includes shooting, drugs, piercings or tattoos.

HIV testing is very easy as all you have to do is get a testing kit and make sure that you can really put your mind at ease by having it done. HIV is not the end of your life with the right medications; you can easily put your mind at ease at leading a very healthy life. There are many ways that you can also lower the chances of spreading the virus to others. In general, an infected person to show positive can take up to 3 months which is a long window period.

Types of HIV tests

There are certain HIV tests which are known to work harder as they take about 20 minutes to show up. HIV tests are generally useless, and all it takes is just a rub inside your cheek with a cotton swab also they might require blood samples for testing. There are many testing kits which can allow you to ensure that you do not have to visit a lab. You have to do as instructed and ensure that you send it back to the lab, and you will get your results in an email form.

Where to go for HIV testing?

HIV testing

You can easily get tested for HIV at your doctor’s office, which can allow one to have the right tests done(Must Watc). HIV tests are generally done in anonymous and confidential, which can depend on the laws in the states where you live in. This confidential testing means that your results will be marked with an ID and not your name. The results will not go in the medical records and can allow one to have the right full secrecy of the tests and results.

STD testing can usually be a part of your regular gynaecologist exam which can help one fight the tests and not get a judge. The idea of testing can be scary and can also be responsible for taking care of the usual quick and painless procedure.

How to Test for HIV

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